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We are the
future of social.

Hi. We’re Pnkfrg. The studio connecting the world through play. We're backed by some of the top names in gaming and bitcoin, and we look forward to speaking to you.

pnkfrg Founding Team

We were involved in the last paradigm shift in gaming and social media. Now, we're creating the next.

We're creating
a new genre of mobile entertainment.

Leveraging our extensive expertise and tools from casual mobile gameplay we're revitalizing entertainment for Gen Z. By blending casual gaming and economy principles with social platforms and innovative tech, we're creating more interactive environments. The result? Mobile experiences that prioritize social play over passive scrolling – turning every user into a rewarded co-creator.


Over 2 billion

daily active users (DAUs)

100 million

monthly active users (MAUs)

500 million


 30+ games 

combined experience in casual mobile gaming

58 years

combined experience as avid social media users

104 years

Our team brings unparalleled expertise, rooted in the world of casual mobile gaming. We initially crossed paths at King Games, where our collective experience made a lasting impact.

Why us?




tech to UGC

Ecosystem innovation

  • Headquartered in Berlin and Helsinki

  • Raised USD 3M+ by leading early stage investors

  • A world class core development team in place including Economy Design and GTM expertise

  • Scalable contractor and third party network

We're ready
to rewrite
the rulebooks

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